Sunday, 7 October 2012


In the environment of IIUCS, where Islamic culture nurture the very essence of youth in its objective to be a ta’dibi university, we are called to come up with a new approach, more closer for the youth to learn and entertain. 

We would like to establish a far more interesting entertainment into the learning process of encouragement to get closer to Allah SWT and his messenger habibina rasululilla
h Muhammad pbuh.

The interest of having this society was inspired by our head advisor, Ustaz Shuhadak Mahmud when there was an IPTIM selection and training for berzanji category in the year 2010.

Qasidah, marhaban, and berzanji are poetry that holds lots of meaning and the expression of pure love towards Allah and His messenger. Those poetries were written by scholars of islam for example Al-imam Habib Ali ibn Muhamad ibn Husin Al-Habshi and Al-Imam Habib Abdullah ibn A’lawi Al-Haddad.

Thus, we would like to form a group of society that can share and learn about Mahabbah Allah and Mahabbah Rasulullah.

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